Sassy Mistress Mariah demands your worship her little piggies

The time has come to submit yourself to MistressMariah. MistressMariah is a 25-year old beautiful Mediterranean goddess with smooth caramel skin and a gorgeous slim body. She is very short and petite but she is a firecracker just waiting to get her hands on naughty slave boys and submissives that are in need of strict orders and goddess management. MistressMariah is a femdom with strict requirements and fine tastes and she needs total submission from her webcam guys. If you dare to defy her she will make sure that you pay in every painful and vile way that she can think of. CBT is a possible punishment if she feels as though you need to have it and that will make you want to beg and scream for mercy. Your balls and cock will be in a sling like a purse on her shoulder if she has decided you need to be put through some pain to truly see the error in your ways.

“Buy a block session & get a discount! Any kinks or fetishes tell me. I take directions well.”

MistressMariah is into BDSM, BBC, cuckolding, strap-ons, and smothering fetishes. She is also into much more so don’t be afraid to bring it up in chat or during private shows. This goddess femdom isn’t afraid to walk the darker side and she has likely already pounced on it. Chastity devices are another of her kinks and she will not hesitate to force you into wearing one if she feels you are in need of punishment. You won’t be able to cum until MistressMariah decides that you have earned that right. Your sexual gratification is in her hands literally and she won’t give in or give up that control when or if she deems it is appropriate. Strict domination sessions and hardcore BDSM are specialties of Mariah and you can go into private with her if you are willing to obey her every whim, wish, and command.

Amateur Mistress wants to suck you in and control your mind

Miss Anna is here to take control of your life and show you the true meaning of subservience. She lives only to control pathetic little submissive males like you. If you truly want to fill the void in your life that’s been left by the lack of sophisticated guidance from an experienced female dominant, then you’ll have to impress her with your willingness to do whatever she says. Your entire life has been meaningless up until this point and you’ll always remember the time you met someone with the power to control you with a simple look and unspoken promise of a whipping. Continue reading “Amateur Mistress wants to suck you in and control your mind”