College girl Brook Little in fishnets and tartan skirt lets you look at her knickers

You’re a college tutor and one of your students just happens to be the sexy Brook Little who is a well known prick tease and she comes to class everyday wearing a tiny tartan skirt and fishnets stockings. As you stand there giving a lecture you can see right up her skirt at her panties. Sometimes you feel like she’s doing it on purpose. For months she’s been distracting you and making your cock grow hard in your pants and it can get a bit embarrassing because you have to stay hidden behind your desk. This week however, she’s in detention and is begging for you to let her leave but you’ve having to much fun looking at her sexy legs to let her go just yet.

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As you’re sitting their quietly stroking your cock Brook stands up and bends over her desk. She catches you getting an eyeful of her tight teen ass and knickers but rather than freak out she sees an opportunity and makes you a deal. Brook will show you her tits and take off her knickers so you have a good wank over her pussy if you let her go home early?

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